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Abacus Seals GmbH

The ABACUS SEALS product program consists of shaft seals and the relevant accessories. We can supply seals both for standard applications and customised special versions which can be designed and manufactured for the individual operating conditions.


Customer Service

We offer you a reliable service through the individual construction of seals, competent advice and flexible delivery.

Shaft Seals

Seals form an extensive and widely differentiated class of machine components. Their purpose is to ensure separation between two areas which have different functions. They ensure that either no material exchange or only an allowable amount of material exchange takes place between them.

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Shaft Seals

With a wide range of materials to choose from and many years of experience in various applications, we will find your solution!

Sealing accessories

The core competence does not stop with our main product, a good product also includes comprehensive customer service with consideration of the secondary components.

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