Barrier Gas Supply Systems

Concept and method of functioning

Shaft seals of different types (e.g. carbon floating ring seals, mechanical seals etc.) require sealing gas for proper operation.
Supply panels combine the flow monitoring and control elements in a closed and easy to operate unit.
With a supply panel the sealing gas is prepared for sealing and is also controlled and monitored for the respective operation. This ensures optimum operating behaviour and reliability and also enables a long service life and function of the seal.
Various components are used individually. A pressure regulator is required to set the required gas pressure. A flow meter is used to read and set the flow rate. A pressure switch can be used to monitor the function of the gasket and transmit an electrical signal to a control room for alarm. A pressure gauge is used to read the pressure. A non-return valve prevents sealing gas from pressing in the wrong direction.
According to the requirements, the supply panels can be designed according to ATEX for installation in locations with high safety requirements (for Ex-protected zones). The supply panels are supplied as compact construction kits, completely assembled and tested. ABACUS SEALS offers designs ranging from simple standard to complex custom-made products.

  • long service life of the shaft seal due to clean and optimally treated sealing gas
  • individual solutions and standard solutions
  • due to compact design and well thought-out construction easy assembly


Systems and individual components are installed in all areas of application where the selection and use of seals exposed to sealing gas is essential.

Application area

Varies according to specification