Stuffing Box Packings

Concept and method of functioning

A stuffing box is made up of a stuffing box gland and stuffing box packing. The stuffing box packing is the actual seal. This is compressed axially against the shaft by means of nuts or springs.
By means of the axial tightening the stuffing box packing is compressed and a radial pressure of the stuffing box packing onto the shaft takes place. The size of the gap is adjusted by the amount of pressure put onto the gland. The large contact surfaces and the high compression pressures needed for sealing result in high friction values.
This type of seal has the advantage that it is possible to adjust the seal to compensate for wear during operation by tightening the compression gland and by this means reducing the leakage.


Typical applications are pumps, mixers, spindle seals in regulating and control valves. With the correct choice of materials a stuffing box seal can be used for higher temperatures (over 200℃ C). where an elastomer seal such as an O ring would not be suitable.

Application Range

Material: max. 500°C
Operating temperature: -0,9 - 200 bar
Circumferential velocity: max. 20 m/s
Shaft diameter: 20…100 mm