Barrier greases

Concept and method of functioning

Barrier grease in a range of viscosities and different thermal qualities is used as a sealing material. In these applications the properties of the grease are used as a supporting sealing material.

There are different pack forms and sizes which are used depending on the type of application. They are available in cans or in cartridges both for the initial fill and for manual regreasing. There are also permanent grease dispensers available which on an electro mechanical or electrochemical basis coordinate the grease volume inside the seal housing. The temperature range of this sealing grease is from -25 °C to +1100 °C.


Barrier greases are used in all areas of sealing technology where grease supported sealing systems are installed.

Scope of Delivery

Barrier grease packs as 400 g cartridges and 500g or 1000 g cans.