Type AD 500

Concept and method of functioning

Shaft sealing to seal against the ingress of foreign particles from the surroundings into the medium being pumped and also to seal against the exit of the pumped medium into the surroundings. They are used to seal the gap between a rotor or shaft which rotates relative to a stationary housing by means of seals located after each other in the axial direction of the rotor. The installation takes place in a split housing. In order to seal and isolate the pumped medium the use of a barrier gas or barrier grease is preferred. In the cases of a pumped medium which is free of solid particles a return of the medium into the circulation cycle by means of a vacuum system is possible.


Designed for application areas with high and low temperatures, chemical industry, food industry pharmaceutical applications and pumps etc. For sealing of shaft openings in radial and axial ventilators, mills, mixers, centrifuges, shaft seals to AD500 are used both for rotating machines, e.g. turbo machines as well as for axial movement such as piston rods.

Application Area

Material A49 A10K
Operating temperature: max. 150°C max. 500°C
Operating pressure: -0,8 - 3 bar -0,8 - 3 bar
Circumferential velocity: max. 40 m/s max. 40 m/s
Shaft diameter: 20…400 mm 20…600 mm
Radial gap: 2,5...5 mm 2,5...5 mm

(possible deflection between seal housing and shaft)


Thanks to the multiple part design easy assembly of the seals is ensured. Because of the design concept of a minimal play on contact locations once the initial running wear has taken place, gap sealing with minimal leakage and by this means a highly effective sealing effect is achieved. In comparison to contact seals higher sliding velocities and higher pressures can be achieved. As the seals are arranged to have movement in a radial direction it is possible to compensate for radial displacement and fitting tolerances.
The seal has an overlapping, dove tailed design. Compared to shaft seals type AD200 leakage quantities are considerably reduced.

Scope of Delivery

Overlapping, dove tailed made from: impregnated carbon, PTFE, PEEK, Bronze
Spring: Stainless Steel, Titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel etc.
Locking/Anti-rotation: Stainless Steel, Titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel etc.
Housing: Stainless steel, Titanium, Hastelloy, PTFE